About us

RETO was formed in 2008. We provide comprehensive support for store fitting and implementation of new technologies. We equip chain stores and other vendors of various industries. Guided by our strong work ethic and principles, we effectively cooperate with our clients and partners.


We collaborated with reliable and proven suppliers for many years. Thanks to carefully selected products, we guarantee our customers the highest quality.


After-sales service and support are an integral part of our offer. Our customers can always count on our help and technical support.


We consider business partnership as understanding and respect for our partners, coworkers, and clients. Understanding and respect for diversity and the ability to utilize it is one of our greatest strengths. We emphasize building equality by incorporating a flat employment structure. We believe that this approach is important for our company in the engagement process and can lead to creative solutions. Ultimately cooperative relationships are formed when all participants work together to achieve a common goal or undertake a specific task where they share risk, responsibility, resources.

Good business practices of our company serve to support our key values: expertise, cooperation, and trust. Simultaneous promotion of the interests of all stakeholders and the pursuit of excellence guide us in our work. We know our customers, their companies and industry allowing us to provide superior service to clients.

Our employees have extensive expertise in various industries including but not limited to shop fitting and trade solutions. Not only do we provide our customers with ready-made solutions and products, we also specialize in the creation and implementation of solutions dedicated to different industries. With our expertise we find solutions that meet our customer expectations and market requirements.