Shopping Carts and Baskets

Modern stores, regardless of their format, are constantly evolving in search of the optimal concept, organization and communication with clients.

Lighting, modern furniture, their colors and shapes – all these details are chosen and introduced with great attention. In addition to their basic usability, the atmosphere of the store influences the assessment of customers – whether shopping is convenient, and customers feel good in the store, or are ready to spend more time in shopping.

Baskets and carts are pieces of equipment that accompany customers from the entrance to the store exit. Choosing the right basket or cart, which is a means of transporting purchased goods, taking into account its modern, attractive appearance, convenience for customers and, as a result, the value of a shopping receipt, is one of the key decisions made by shop owners or managers.

RETO offers a wide range of shopping solutions, the appearance of which is linked to the latest trends of the constantly evolving market. The capacity and versatility of our wide range of shopping baskets make them ideal for all shopping formats and suitable for many sectors: food, textiles, toys, electronic devices, general stores, sports.