Shopping Cart LOOP 170 L.

The Loop 170 L with multi-use basket is the perfect shopping trolley, allowing shoppers to arrange their purchases as they wish, separate delicate items, and has many other uses!

The multi-use basket fitted to the front of the cart provides extra capacity and room for arranging purchases.Using it also means less effort is involved in nesting carts as the rear swing door opens more easily. 

Araven's multi-use basket allows the original cart nesting distance to be maintained so that the same minimal store space is taken up. It is compatible with Loop 160 L carts without a multi-use basket

If your establishment already has Loop 160 L carts but does not have multi-use baskets, this accessory can be purchased on its own. It comes in five colours to combine with your Loop 160 L cart.    

It complies with all regulations:

EN 1929-1:1998

EN 1929-2:2004

EN 1929-3:2005

​EN 1929-4:2005

TÜV Rheinland: ID 1111219712