Automatic sales system – tobacco vending machine

Convenience stores, petrol stations and self-service sales zones - in all cases, tobacco products must be particularly protected. Hatring's automated sales systems are recognized products that meet these needs. Diversified number of modules and the possibility of connecting them with the touch screen makes the device adjust to the individual needs of the client.

Harting products are integration with shop design and save space:

  • space for additional communication,
  • safe storage of tobacco products,
  • easy and intuitive operation,
  • safe storage up to 285 brands of cigarettes,
  • capacity up to 5000 packs in 1 device,
  • distribution in accordance with the FIFO principle,
  • adjusted color,
  • selection from the touch screen with HA-Portal® software,
  • the ability to design a device built into the current store design,
  • preparation for legal restrictions – black market.