Shoping Cart LOOP 200L

The LOOP 200 L shopping cart has all of the advantages of the LOOP compact cart line, which guarantees the best mobility on the market and provides a host of benefits for both customers and retail establishments. Its world-patented wrap-around handle makes manoeuvring and changing direction along store aisles much easier since it can be held or pushed from any position.

The Loop 200 L. cart is designed to take voluminous or large shopping items. And in addition to its 200-litre capacity, the bottom tray can transport another 50 kg in weight.

The 200-litre self-service shopping cart is characterised by its light weight - just 21 kg – as well as its top quality materials:  frame in zinc-plated steel, the best wheels on the market and basket in food-grade polypropylene with an anti-UV additive. Its extra thick walls afford great strength and durability, guaranteeing the long working life of the self-service shopping cart. The materials used are 100% recyclable.

Its original Araven style and finish is in keeping with the aesthetic look of the most modern of today’s commercial establishments. The LOOP design also has the option of a child’s seat with a fold-down piece for use as a divider, a bag hook and an integrated coin-lock. There is also a selection of accessories available: child’s seat belt, travelator wheels with automatic brake, basket divider for fresh products or a drink holder.

The LOOP 200 L. comes in customisable colours and has a space to include the logo to adapt to each retail chain.  

Compliant with EN-1929 European standard.